Friday, March 8, 2013

The Journey to Sound Set

The excitement is building in me and my peoples about my appearance at Sound Set 2013! The first Bungalow after announcing it was so off the chain! With some of my favorite people coming down to party with me(Truth Maze,T-La Shawn)plus various famo I haven't seen ina minute! Plus my first Ave family being so supportive makes me feel so overwhelmed but I'm upto the challenge! Now its all about taking advantage of the opportunity! New press kits/photos/biz cards/merch...its time to do the damn thing! Much respect to RSE! Much love to First Avenue and much love to my Bungalow Sound System crew! And a big Spliff to all the Djs showing love! More Tings to come stay tuned i'll be posting mixes/pics and vids to document my journey! HOLLA!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Verb X@ Sound Set Music Festival

Get Your Tickets NOW Its Gonna be da BIZNESS! Atmosphere/Snoop Dogg/Busta Rhymes Headlining!

Monday, March 26, 2012

BungalowSS Spring Promo For March 26th

New Mix From Dj Verb X

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Red Tails Movie Review By Verb X

Red Tails Staring Terrance Howard,Cuba Gooding Jr

Red Tails Movie Review By Verb X

Going to see Red tails was an ordeal and adventure in its self,that was almost better than the actual movie. That being said what could have been a historical fact based statement about the participation of African Americans in the WW2 effort and attitudes surrounding it. Instead it falls into the long line of movies meant to "celebrate" but in fact are nothing less than B-grade action movies(Panther comes to mind). With literally the cream of the crop in young black acting talent at his disposal director Anthony Hemingway from a screenplay by John Ridley and Aaron McGruder waisted an opportunity to really inform the viewers about this era. But the real question remains are African American interested in this kind of story? Is the movie establishment ready for this kind of story? Can a true telling of the plight of Minorities be really told honestly in a way that won't alienate white patrons and patronize educated Black audiences? This film didn't do it! I would see it if you wanna support black film making which will enable more black film making. I would see it if you like a good dog fight and some interesting visual effects. I would see it just to see Method Man acting like a hick airplane mechanic. But if you want historical facts...this isn't worth your time! So I would wait for the dvd and have movie night wit the kids and then google the Tuskegee Airmen!


Chiddy Bang@The 7th Street Entry by AK

Chiddy Bang Concert Review

By Ak

This was my 1st concert at the 7th Street Entry at 1st Ave, so I didn’t know what to expect. The ambience was a college type vibe, very close, and cozy. All I knew was “Chiddy Bang” was going to be performing and if they are good as they were on the Peanut Butter and Swelly album, I was in for a great show. The opening act, which was Wide Eyes, was cool, they brought the energy and had the crowd hyped up. After a while, the crowd began to chat Chiddy Bang, Chiddy Bang, Chiddy Bang! About a half hour after that, Xaphoon came out on the drums and the crowd with bananas and then a few seconds later Chiddy came onto the stage. They had great energy, it was a Monday night, and I had a long day. After about 10 minutes into their set, I had forgotten about my hard Monday and had regressed back to my college days. I was shouting out lyrics, bouncing, and jumping with the rest of the crowd. Someone from the crowd shouted “Yo’ Chiddy, go on FOREVER!” That was the consensus of the whole spot, they represented for hour and half. They did joints from their 3 albums “The Swelly Express”, “Peanut Butter and Swelly” and their forth coming album “Breakfast”. If you haven’t heard of Chiddy Bang by now and consider yourself a hip-hop fan, your sound asleep. If you are a Chiddy Bang fan or are on the fence, if you are lucky enough to have them come to your city, it would be worth your while to check them out.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bungalow Valentine's Day CD

Check Out Our New Mix Cd for Valentine's Day available next week! Only 5$
DJ Smash Adams

Be with you-David Banner ft. Ludacris and Marsha Ambrosius
I do- Young jeezy ft Jay-Z and Andre 3000
Can't stop now _Major Lazer ft. Mr. Vegas and Jovie Rockwell
Amazing- Pinchers
Sure Thing (smash edit) - Miguel
I Know What You Like- Nique ft Mr Music
Songs for women- Frank Ocean

Dj Verb X

All We Do-Young Jeezy
Flex-Mad Cobra
Pussy,Money,Weed-Lil Wayne
Motivation-Kelly Rowland ft Lil Wayne
I do Need You-Bell Biv Devoe
Fire and Desire-Rick James ft Teena Marie
Mind Sex-Dead Prez
Left Right-D'Angelo
Freak Like Me-Adina Howard

Dj Defiant

J.Cole ft. Drake - In the Morning
Keith Sweat- Make it Last Forever
Ghostface ft. Reakwon & Cappadonna - Camay
Carl Thomas- I Wish
Otis Redding- I've Been Loving You To Long
Marvin Gaye- Sexual Healing
Barry White- Secret Garden

Monday, October 17, 2011

One Love Radio

One Love Radio
Bungalow Sound Systems